Launching summer 2010, Visual KEIOS is a web magazine dedicated to sharing knowledge and showing appreciation for Japanese Rock, especially the very diverse music scene known as Visual Kei.


Our core team is comprised of passionate fans from varying backgrounds and walks of life, united in our goal to bring quality content to the masses and support these ever-evolving genres.


It's our goal to continually support and promote all things exciting and spectacular and new in the world of Japanese music and fashion, proving our readers with breaking news and exclusive in-depth coverage.


While our primary focus will always be visual kei, Japanese rock and fashion, we also cover various genre of Japanese music, visual kei bands from around the world and K-Pop.


Teamwork truly makes the dream work, with the help of wonderful contributors, Visual KEIOS has been able to bring you exclusives from the United States, Canada, France and Japan!


Thanks to gracious sponsors who share our passion for promoting Japanese music and fashion, we've hosted numerous giveaways offering CDs, concert tickets, Japanese fashion accessories and more.


Comments, questions, requests, opportunities? Interested in collaborating or being featured? Whatever the reason we always enjoy hearing from our visitors, so don't be shy, send us a message anytime!