BANZAI JAPAN is an idol constructed by members of characteristic traits gathered from the prefectures of Japan. The theme of these 14 members is “Share the world the appeal and power of Japan”. Faithful to their theme, their live performances are based on “Wa” (meaning harmony and also Japanesestyle in Japanese). Firstly, as can be seen in the photograph, their costumes are arrangements of kimonos. And during their performances, folding fans are used. They are sending out to the world the wonderful culture and the heart of omotenshi (hospitality) of Japan through the power of entertainment.

And they are striving to become the one and only idol whom would be loved by the world.

And this BANZAI JAPAN appeared in the Japan Expo official tournament event, “Tokyo Candoll” which took place this February to April in Japan. It was the third time that this BANZAI JAPAN performed in this very event. This year, they showed a performance which they took to another level to the audience whom came to each show and won the desired victory. This was achieved by the combination of the members and the audience, challenging their very best. They are sure to show a more impressive live stage than the preliminary contest at the Japan Expo.

Tokyo Candoll is an official collaboration event of Japan Expo which started in 2015. 90 groups of idol of Japan participated and the winner is decided by the votes of the audience whom gather at the venue. At the preliminary contest in Japan, 6000 idol fans attended. It is an event which gathers attention to the level of being handled as top news of Yahoo! JAPAN.

The winner of the Tokyo Candoll is given permission to perform at the live stage of Japan Expo. This year, as the representative of Japanese idol, BANZAI JAPAN will bring a spectacular stage of Kawaii at Japan Expo. BANZAI JAPAN Official Site: BANZAI JAPAN Official YouTube:

Tokyo Candoll is a tournament style contest event which started in 2015 with the official collaboration of Japan Expo of Paris, France. The winner is given permission to perform at the live stage within the Japan Expo which will be held in Paris, France in July 2018. It is an event which determines the representative of the idol of Japan. It was the fourth opening this year and 90 groups of female idol participated and there were smiles and tears during the event, unfolding a very heated performance. The winner of the first round, the quarterfinal, the semifinal are decided by the votes of the gathered audience. At the final, the winner is decided by the votes of the audience, and by the judge of the Japan Expo japan office staff, as well as by the gorgeous judges whom know thoroughly the world of music in Japan. At the preliminary contest which started this February in Japan, around 6000 idol fans rushed to the scene. It is an event which is developing as one that attracts great attention in Japan. And BANZAI JAPAN is the idol group which won the tournament this year. As the representative of the idol in Japan, they will perform at the Japan Expo which will be held in Paris, France this July. Tokyo Candoll Official Site: